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support bullgard4: you don't need to use a -t in spt-get. And what version of ubuntu? jrib: "You do not need to use a -t in apt-get." But I use it. bullgard4: you use it for -t because it's a command line switch, right? But you don't need to use it in apt-get spt-get -t 2 -y -o Acquire::Broken::IPTables=true spt-get -o Acquire::Broken::IPTables=true --force-yes -y install postfix jrib: I use it because apt-get will not install something unless you use a specific switch. with it i still get The required packages are not installed the error is fixed, but it shouldnt be this way, like i said before nautilus also never worked, the click on the hdd i mounted as a location took forever to launch but the mountpoint is there and ls says its mounted bullgard4: the apt-get man page says nothing about the -t switch. Here's the apt-get syntax. It doesn't include a -t switch. You're just confused. hi guys. i'm having problems with booting ubuntu 10.04. it doesn't boot at all. it stops at the ubuntu logo (white) and then I see nothing more.. i've got a intel centrino duo, an amd64 and a hdd 300gb.. i tried to install on another partition, and i'm installing again I have a python script that uses the curses library, yet I get something like the following when I try to run it: Anyone know why this is? a hard disk and a dvd drive.. yokobr: that does not tell us anything, all you said was it doesn't boot I get nothing.. just that white logo and I




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